Business Administration

The certificate programs in Business Administration prepare students for entry level positions in the areas of Accounting, Import / Export / Logistics, Management, or Marketing.

Associate Degrees of Applied Science in Accounting, Import / Export / Logistics, Management, and Marketing prepare the student for entry into the profession. The degree programs are designed to update and expand the skills of those already working in the various fields.

The Certificate and Associate of Applied Science in Import / Export / Logistics provide students with basic knowledge to prepare them to take the Custom Brokers Exam.

Staff Faculty

Name E-mail Phone Location
Dinorah J. Chrnko dchrnko 956-872-2764 Tech Campus A-231


Name E-mail Phone Location
Almon, Robert raalmon 956-872-6145 Mid-Valley G-138
Dietz, Elizabeth emdietz 956-872-6414 Pecan G259
Laurel, David dlaurel 956-872-6146 Tech A109
Mercado, Claudia cmercado_5827 956-872-2313 Pecan M-211
Wilson, John jhwilson 956-872-2702 Tech A108

Business Administration

Name E-mail Phone Location
Altemeyer, Brad bradleya 956-872-2723 Pecan M-141
Garcia, Miguel magarcia 956-447-6682 Mid-Valley G-155
Jasso, Reynaldo rjasso 956-872-8384 Pecan G-257
Koladouz, Mehdi mehdik 956-872-2630 Pecan G-228
Moore, Rosemond ramoore 956-872-6145 Tech East A104
Sanchez, Cynthia csanchez 956-973-7625 Mid-Valley G238
Solis, Griselda gsolis 956-872-6126 Pecan G-228
Valladarez, Ana amvallad 956-872-6764 Pecan G-252


Name E-mail Phone Location
Aguilera, Minerva aminerva 956-872-2197 Tech A111
Dickinson, Lyudmyla lvdickinson 956-872-5654 Pharr Learning Center, Rm 174
Leal, Laura leleal 956-872-2764 Mid-Valley H-117
Martinez, Dr. Salvador smartinez1 956-872-6135 Tech A116
Peek, Dr. Kevin kmpeek 956-872-2665 Tech A-107
Plaza, Oscar oaplaza 956-872-2047 Pecan G-239

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