Advanced Manufacturing Technology

The Advanced Manufacturing Technology program is the first in the State of Texas to earn NIMS accreditation.

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) is the nation's only ANSI accredited developer of precision manufacturing skill standards and competency assessments. NIMS certifies an individual skills against standards and accredits programs that meet its quality requirements. NIMS stakeholders represent over 6,000 American companies.

The Precision Manufacturing Certificate program, provides an environment to develop technical skills that are highly marketable to the area's industries. Most of the courses are set up to stimulate actual working environments.

Technical coursework begins in the first semester in order to develop a common skill base for the program. During this first semester the student will learn how to use computers to read and use industrial prints, and gain technical skills.

Staff Faculty

Name E-mail Phone Location
Delgado, Antonio (Lab Assistant) adelgado 956-872-6110 Tech Campus B241
Solis, Leslie (Faculty Secretary) lsolis17 956-872-6258 Tech Campus B241
Name E-mail Phone Location
Esmeralda Adame eadame 956-872-6107 Tech West B241
Mario Armando Olivera molivera 956-872-6304 Tech West B241
Edgar Alejandro Turrubiates eturrub1 956-872-6163 Tech West B241
Arthur F Barber abarber 956-872-6142 Tech West B241
Enrique Camarillo ecamarillo_2655 956-872-6258 Tech West B241
Alberto Farias afarias_7829 956-872-7037 Tech West B241
Erika Guerra eleija_0085 956-872-6295 Tech West B241
Javier Loyde jloyde_1221 956-872-6295 Tech West B241
Jose Molina jmolina 956-872-2723 Tech West B241

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