Associate Degree

Paralegal (AAS-LGAS)

The Paralegal Associate of Applied Science is a two-year program that prepares men and women for entry-level positions as a paralegal working under the supervision of a lawyer in a law office, government, corporate or other private sector legal setting. The program is designed to provide students with an understanding of the roles and functions of paralegals in law firms and occupational settings. The program offers instruction in basic legal principles and skills applicable to various legal settings. Students develop foundational legal knowledge, training in analytical thinking, and skills in legal research and writing.

Staff Faculty

Name E-mail Phone Location
Garcia, Araceli agarc319 956-872-6101 TECH Campus A-231
Name E-mail Phone Location
Morales, Jaime jmora146 956-872-6129 Tech Campus, A-111

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