Business Administration - Transfer Plan

The Associate of Arts (AA) in Business Administration Transfer Plan is for those students interested in pursuing a Bachelors degree in the area of Business Administration. Students choosing this degree plan are preparing to earn a Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Arts degree at a college or university that offers Bachelor degrees.

Students take courses to complete the state general education requirements and a combination of business classes in management, marketing, economics, and human resources.

Graduates of this Associate of Arts degree are prepared to continue their education at an institution that offers Bachelor degrees in Business Administration. Students may choose a concentration in Accounting, Economics, Management, Finance, or Marketing.

Degree Plans Faculty Staff

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Altemeyer, Brad bradleya 956-872-2196 Pecan M-141
Garcia, Miguel magarcia 956-447-6682 Mid-Valley G-155
Gonzalez, Marcela mgonzalez1 956-872-2245 Pecan M-212
Jasso, Reynaldo rjasso 956-872-8384 Pecan G-257
Kolahdouz, Mehdi mehdik 956-872-2630 Pecan G-148
Laurel, David dlaurel 956-872-3515 Pecan J-2.602
Moore, Rosemond ramoore 956-872-6414 Pecan G-259
Resendez, Juan joresendezjr 956-973-7620 Mid-Valley H-133
Sanchez, Cynthia csanchez 956-973-7625 Mid-Valley G-238
Solis, Griselda gsolis 956-872-2631 Pecan G-254
Valladarez, Ana amvallad 956-872-6764 Pecan G-252
Wilson, John jhwilson 956-872-2702 Pecan J-2.604

For faculty not listed, please contact the department.

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Dinorah J. Reyes dreyes61 956-872-5634 Pecan J-2.606